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This is my experience with a company Ive been trying to deal with in the city of Chicago. The company is Action Bumper Co. Located at 2425 West 14th St. Phone, 312-733-6464. Fax 312-733-6450. This company recycles / restores and sells automotive bumpers. The problem Im having is that they refused to send me a bumper that was paid in full, 4//02.

I have been restoring my 1973 Plymouth Duster since 6/98. I was on eBay, an online auction, and was looking for some parts when I came across an ad for a rechromed bumper. Not being for my car, I emailed the vendor and asked if they had one for my car and they responded:

From :

To :

Subject :

Re: (no subject)

Date :

Mon, 25 Mar 2002 11:01:38 EST

call 312-733-6464 ask for alex to plce special order on duster


Talking to Alex, he said he could have one for me for the amount of $225 that included shipping. I should receive it in about 30 days. Told me great sounding things about his company. At that time, the comments left for that company on eBay looked pretty good. Sounded like a good company. I purchased a US Postal money order # 03829190703 on 4-5-02 and sent it to him. He replied via email:

From :

To :

Subject :

Re: Bumper order

Date :

Fri, 12 Apr 2002 15:10:33 EDT


i recipt your check and puting your order to work


His invoice # is A123514.

It was about 30 days when I received the bumper. During that time, Action Bumper called and requested some measurements to assure getting the correct part. They said that there were 2 types offered and wanted to be sure which one I had. Satisfied they had the correct one, they completed the order. When I received the bumper, I was quite impressed with the service and workmanship I received from them. It wasnt till I tried to install the bumper a few days later, I discovered it was incorrect.

Calling Action Bumper, I explained what had happened and they apologized for the error and instructed me to send both my original bumper, which was on the car and their bumper back to them and they would restore mine. They told me they would send me $50 to cover shipping charges for both bumpers when they return mine. When I asked how long it would be till I get mine back, they said that since it was their error and to assure me of their goal to satisfy all customers, they would prioritize my order and have it done 7 days after receiving it then ship it back. I was certainly impressed. I figured 2-2 1/2 and Ill have my bumper back. Great!

I shipped the bumper via UPS on 6/18/02. They received it in 3 days on the 21st according to the tracking #. Not hearing anything from them, I called 7/9/02 and asked what progress they were making. I was told it was in the polishing dept and they will ship it soon.

I called again on 7/25/02 and was told it was going out Tuesday 7/30/02.

On 8/9/02, I called once again. Again I was told it was to be labeled and shipped to me right away. When I told them I was told this now for over a month, they explained that one reason was that the shut down the plant for a few days after 7/4/02 for cleaning. That they had an overwhelming response for bumpers from the eBay site. And that they had to play catch-up with those orders. What happen to the priority that you were giving to mine? I havent been able to drive my car all summer due to your error. What are you going to do? Im sorry. Ill label and ship it was the response again!

On 8/17/02 I sent an email expressing my feelings over their lack of consideration of my circumstances and wanted to know what was being done. I received no reply.

8/23/02 Filed a complaint with Better Business Bureau of Chicago complaint #781301

Filed a complaint via email to Chicago Dept of Consumer Affairs

9/05/02 Filed a complaint with Internet Fraud Complaint Center #102090518506699

Filed online complaint with US Postal Service.

9/06/02 Called A/B and talked to George and was told bumper was sent today. No tracking number was given.

9/12/02 Called A/B and talked to George who said it was shipped 9/10/02 via Fed Ex #158234400002937

Checked # with Fed Ex and it came up invalid. Called George back who said hed look into it.

9/13/02 Called A/B and was told by Alex to call back Monday since he knows nothing about it and George wasnt here.

9/16/02 Called A/B and was told by George that it was shipped when he said, it wasnt there, Fed Ex has it. He said hed look into it and would call me back in about and hour. As far as he was concerned it was in Fed Exs hands now.

9/18/02 Called A/B and talked to Alex who says bumper was shipped 9/17/02. When questioned about Georges shipping date and invalid tracking number, he told me to hold on.

George gets on and says Alex doesnt know anything and that he was going to look into the problem today. I said he told me that Monday. He said he was too busy. He expressed he opinion of Fed Exs poor service and hell get to the bottom of this and get back to me.

I called Fed Ex and was connected to one of the managers there. I told her my problem and Actions opinion of their shabby system. He told me shed request their paperwork be faxed to her and look into the problem. She told me shed call back.

9/19/02 Fed Ex calls and tells me that they requested Actions paperwork be faxed to her. George replied he was too busy at the moment and hed get around to it later. She received nothing so far.

9/23/02 Called Action and talked to George. He said Fed Ex called him several times and that he was sticking to his story about sending out my bumper. He said he was filing a claim against Fed Ex for losing mine and one other bumper. He said that he would ship another in its place soon if mine didnt appear. He said to call him tomorrow for an update. Well Fed Ex never got the paper work they requested. Can't send what you don't have.

They then said that they were sending it via UPS..........several times. Finally after telling George that I was coming out to see him personally about this matter, they sent it in 4 days. April to October pretty lame service from a pretty lame company.